One of the most impressive hike you can do in Apuseni Mountains is  Scarita Belioara Path; I will let the picture to speak instead of giving details by writing The map is marked with the places were the pictures was made ( all the pictures was made in 2013 or 2015 – late and early October ) I also have a clip that might open the appetite for this part […]

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A major attraction of Trascău Mountains ( a group of Apuseni Mountains) is  Râmeţ Gorges ;  this spectacular narrow gorges seems to be formed by collapsing of a few hundred metres cave ceiling and can be argued by the fact that the keys have a transverse V-profile, wider at the top. You can use a car  and park rigth at the  entrance of gorges ; from this place it’s time to […]

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Reasons why I love Transylvania We are born into a family and grow in one or more places on this wonderful planet; as a child, everything around you affects you, you shape and become part of a whole (Humankind) … become the sum of all external influences which may add a bit of DNA. We are what we are because of our ancestors , who modeled the places in which […]

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WHY   TRANSYLVANIA   ???       So …. WHY TRANSYLVANIA ????  …  why you  should spend few days of your life in these  freaky ( by his name ) land ?   Every time  I spent  some time with a foreigner and the discussion came to my birthplace ( which of course is Transylvania)  the feedback I received from my interlocutor was at least a big surprise  that a place called […]

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