Reasons why I love Transylvania

We are born into a family and grow in one or more places on this wonderful planet; as a child, everything around you affects you, you shape and become part of a whole (Humankind) … become the sum of all external influences which may add a bit of DNA.
We are what we are because of our ancestors , who modeled the places in which we live and in which we are glad to raise our children; It is true that we don’t choose where we are born but once the dice stop you stay with the family and the area in which they are; as we grow up we try to understand us better, to understand our parents, grandparents and our ancestors …I think that understanding is absolutely necessary for us to be able to live in harmony with ourselves and those around us.
Well I take great pleasure to discover some of the reasons for which I am who I am … Transylvania is my native land, where I grew up and where probably I’ll die… here is the only place where I feel at home (I grew up and live in Targu Mures but I have spent 4 years in Alba Iulia, 5 years in Sibiu and 2 years in Turda)
So … these are my reasons why I love Transylvania:
1. The Carpathian Mountains: surrounded from all directions by Carpathians, drained by sparkling rivers which makes it both a pleasant place for a relaxing holiday and an exciting place for adventure-seeking travelers. Transylvania (meaning… the land beyond the forest) offers a variety of choices for mountain enthusiasts; exploring these mountains by foot, by bicycle or by car could be an unforgettable experience. By hiking , trekking even horse-riding on these mountains ( one of the last wilderness of Europe ) you can enjoy a charming scenery : gorges , lakes , peaks , old remote villages , caves , national parks , the fauna and floristic heritage – are there … waiting to be discover .

2. Fortified Churches dating back to 13-16th Centuries are an example of a great variety of architectural styles. You can walk along the walls of the Saxon Fortified Churches and climb their towers, explore the churches and villages and taste the medieval atmosphere which surrounds these wonderful places.


3. Medieval towns such as Sibiu , Sighisoara , Brasov and many more are just few reasons to taste an urban medieval experience ; their interesting history and architectures , narrow streets , charming plazas and churches attracts an increasing number of tourists
4. Transylvanians are warm , honest and hardworking , happy to share with you a local meal or to have a pleasant conversation , to guide you to the local points of interest and even offer a local spirit
5. Culture and traditions : you can find them in remote villages , in museums and in our way of living ; just listen a “doina” , a “Csárdás” and you will understand why we live and die , why we love our land and ancestors ; you will find a cultural mix between Romanians , Hungarians and other small minorities but living in harmony , peace and trying to preserve the traditions .
6. Local cuisine and local drinks … try them whenever is possible, taste the real Transylvania not just in ethnic restaurants but even in peasant’s households; they work hard for every piece of food and use traditional methods and recipes.
In the following posts I will try to describe some of my experiences in this wonderful part of the world, to promote a sustainable tourism and an authentic image of TRANSILVANIA.
Hungarian folk music

Romanian Ethnic music

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