A major attraction of Trascău Mountains ( a group of Apuseni Mountains) is  Râmeţ Gorges ;  this spectacular narrow gorges seems to be formed by collapsing of a few hundred metres cave ceiling and can be argued by the fact that the keys have a transverse V-profile, wider at the top.

Cheile Rametului

You can use a car  and park rigth at the  entrance of gorges ; from this place it’s time to prepare your Photo Camera and warm up the arms and legs because big surprises is waiting for you

DSC_6840and you are there


were the fun begins


and continues


in a charming manner


take a break


and go on


you will be satisfied


even on your way back because the scenery changes every step you take

 It’s a paradise for nature lovers and photo enthusiast

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  1. emil P. says:

    veri nice scenery and photos

  2. Hosting says:

    Approximately 50 km from Rimetea along the Rimetea-Aiud-Teius-Rimeti route is the Cheile Rametului nature reserve. In a beautiful natural setting, following the line of the river, you can follow a route between the two limestone rocks.

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